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Each of our models; Luminous (Evenglo), Tube (Eventube) and high intensity (Habanero) emulates the warmth of the sun by generating radiant energy that converts to useable heat when absorbed by objects in its path. On Patio’s, objects such as floors, walls and furniture absorb the infrared radiant energy. This creates a "heat sink" where warmth is stored and re-radiated to warm the surrounding air.


  • 58% more heat coverage than competitor products
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Efficient but discreet
  • Biggest reflector in the industry. Features a .316 stainless steel emitter and includes 3-year warranty
  • Provides comfort to spaces within 20-24 ft in diameter
  • Several models can be custom finished with 304 stainless steel, bronze and black finishes readily in-stock for immediate purchase
  • Exclusive 316 marine grade stainless steel models are also available
  • Every heater is factory tested and inspected by manufacturing experts prior to shipping



  • Superior craftsmanship, efficiency with a modern, sleek design
  • Lowest profile in the industry for series ETS
  • 100% Wind resistant up to 12mph
  • Dual outputs from 30,000 BTU/hr to 100,000 BTU/hr
  • Effective for ceiling or wall heights 9’ to 16’
  • Both indoor and outdoor applications available
  • Available in 316 marine grade stainless providing the best quality in the industry
  • Every heater is factory tested and inspected prior to shipping
  • More intense and even heat footprints ranging from 192ft² to 672ft²

The Habanero

  • Ideal for patio spot heating
  • No blower = No noise
  • Polished heat reflector
  • Hi/low/Off Dual heat output control
  • Available in 33" and 48" lengths
  • As low as 3" top clearance
  • Pre-Mixed Combustion Chamber
  • Pole Mounted options
  • Self diagnostic potted module

57 Ashbridge Circle

Vaughan, ON L4L 3R5


(289) 806-1714